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Sore Throat Formulas

Sore and swollen throat is often the result of invasion of wind heat. So the therapy relies on dispelling of wind heat and relieving pain.


$35.65/10 bottles
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expellin extract | chuan xiong cha tiao wan Primary Functions and Applications: Houteling Capsules reduces inflammation and dissipates bind, disinhibits throat and relieves pain. Use for acute and chronic faucitis, tonsillitis, parotitis.
Directions: Take 3-4 capsules 3 times a day.
48 capsules/ box x 10.
Isatis [Ban Lan Gen] (root)
Trichosanthes [Tian Hua Fen] (root)
Phragmites [Lu Gen] (rhizome)
Belleric myrobalan [Ke Zi] (fruit)

Composition and Rationale: Isatis removes toxic heat, reduces heat in blood, cures sore throat, and reduces swelling. Trichosanthes clears and transforms phlegm due to wind heat. It both cools and moistens, and is especially useful for cough with chest pain and thick, difficult-to-expectorate sputum. It unbinds the qi in the chest and is used for accumulations orp phlegm in chest leading to pain. Phragmites relieves thirst adn promotes salivation. Belleric myrobalan is laxative and it relieves pain.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

Wind Cold & Wind Heat

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