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Rhinitis Formulas

Congestless (Bi Yuan Wan) addresses exterior patterns where the prominent symptoms include sinusitis and rhinitis.


$35.65/10 bottles
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congestless | bi yuan wan Primary Functions and Applications: Congestless is used to dispel wind heat and to open nasal passages. It is indicated in conditions of acute or chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. Guiding symptoms include runny nose, yellowish, thick, foul-smelling nasal mucus (indicative of bacterial infection), stuffy nose or obstruction in the nose, and in cases of nasal polyps and local blood stasis.
Directions: Take 10 pills 3 times a day.
Packing: 100 pills / bottle x 10.
Xanthium [Cang Er Zi] (whole plant)
Magnolia [Xin Yi Hua] (flower bud)
Japanese honeysuckle [Jin Yin Hua] (flower)
Chrysanthemum [Ju Hua] (flower)
Chilleaalpina (whole plant)

Composition and Rationale: Xanthium and magnolia open nasal passages and expel wind; clilleaalpina clears blood heat, controls bleeding, and moves blood; Japanese honeysuckle clears heat in the upper burner, reduces inflammation, and resolves fire toxin; chrysanthemum clears wind heat, relieves headache, and brightens the eyes.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

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