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Exogenous Pathogen Formulas

According to Dr. Chun-han Zhu, pathogen dispelling, the governing principle for the use of the formulas in the list, relies upon a strategy of offense. The application is directed toward virtual expulsion of the pathogen. "In cases where he pathogen has lodged in the more superficial aspects of the body (that is, when prominent symptoms appear in those aspects of the body most immediately in contact with the environment), the method of choice for dispelling that pathogen is exterior resolution. Diaphoresis is generally the focus of exteror resolution, and is often the term chosen to refer to that method." Says Dr. Chun-han Zhu.

In Clinical Handbook of Chinese Prepared Medicines, Dr. Zhu explains,"Exogenous wind, the pathogen most commonly involved in cases addressed by these formulae, presents two general symptom patterns: patterns of heat and patterns of cold. Pathogens manifesting in patterns of cold are dispelled by resolving the exterior with warm, pungent substances. Pathogens manifesting in patterns of heat are dispelled by resolving the exteror with cold, pungent substances."

Dr. Zhu cautions that factors must be carefully considered such as the nature of the patient, as well as of the pathogen. "In times of exogenous pathogen penetration, when signs of repletion are often more apparent, careful attention must be paid to any signs of overall depletion, as such signs might indicate the need for inclusion of supplements into the therapeutic program. Particular attention must of course be paid to the yin depletion patient, for whom diaphoresis is contraindicated unless accompanied by yin enrichment."

Wind Cold & Wind Heat

Other Formulas